From an anthology of Art Deco-inspired pieces, Nicole Whisenhunt has declared a pursuit of design beyond her imagined embroideries and its lovely intricacies. While the designer has endlessly proven her mastery of the era, crafting pieces that pay an illuminative homage—often of architecture she’s encountered on her travels, Whisenhunt’s line of fine jewelry attempts to move towards contemporary design.

“I don’t want to be constrained to a particular style,” intimates the designer, “It’s so distinct, but it’s also terribly limiting.” Past the allure of the ’20s and perhaps even past the desire to fuse architecture and estate jewelry, Whisenhunt aims to render particular emotions on gems and metal. “It’s not just about drawing inspiration from a building and loosely translating its architecture onto wearable material now, I want to create jewelry that reminds someone of what she felt when she was on her plane ride home or tasting wine at some far-flung vineyard.”

To a certain extent, Whisenhunt’s anthem of design displays a hint of sentimentality coupled with visual storytelling. Expect thoughtfully sculpted numbers that compel to be inherited, if not passed on both for its gorgeous aesthetic and its little tale.



Deemed as one of Manila’s most notable jewelry designers, Nicole Whisenhunt has easily come to the fore of the industry of jewels. From intricate embroideries to delicately sculpted fine jewelry, Whisenhunt constantly strives to create her own form of wearable art one encounter after another. “It’s too easy to draw inspiration from travels,” says the Diplomatic Affairs graduate from De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. 

In an effort to marry rhyme and reason, Whisenhunt, then an aspiring consul, forayed into the arts and took Art History, Color Theory, and Philippine Art in the middle of pursuing her degree. 

Today, Whisenhunt continues to intertwine art and travel—with the designer’s wanderlust conveniently and endearingly justified by her sourcing for materials. More than a decade after beginning her design career, Whisenhunt has had a flurry of superlatives and awards thrown her way—from being nominated for Stylebible’s “Breakthrough Designer of the Year” in 2009, Go Negosyo’s “Most Inspiring Youth Entrepreneur,” Philippine Daily Inquirer’s “Awesome Youth 2009” to being chosen as Mega Magazine’s “10 Women to Watch,” the designer constantly proves her penchant for holding the local scene captive. Add to that her feature in international publications such as Elle, Town & Country, In Style, WWD, and more.